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Stone Masala Flour Mill is regarded as one of the most commendable mills in the market. With Stone Masala Grinding, wheat with high amount of protein will be handled accordingly. Our quality product can be availed with a friendly price too. Ever since our establishment, we have been commitment to provide superior flour machine which can perform. This is integrated with fabrication and design. What is even more reassuring is that even the after-services can be counted on without the customers worrying. We have been exporting this intensively now for it is trusted by many customers now.


Our mill has undergone a number of innovations the moment it was introduced in the market. Our separators have been developed too. From single roller mill, down to the middle flour mill, all of these may handle commercial demand and work. It may provide efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace without the need to exert so much attention. The aim of this service provider is to continuously upgrade this flour mill with the technological advancement that will surely sprout again over time. This can be watched out by customers who also have the same goal of upgrading the services they provide to their clients.