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8-SS-Pulverizer   P-Masala-Flour-Mill   1-Vertical-Flour-Mill



Commercial flour Mills (Business Purpose) since 1983. 


7-Table-Top-Flour-Mill2   P-Commercial-Flour-Mill-Trolly2   Vertical-Rava-Maida   Horizontal-FM


Red-Domestic-Flour-Mill-183x3001   P-Masala-Flour-Mill   Masala-Blower-Pulveriser   Impact-Pulveriser


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Welcome to the hub of Flour Mills in india – Shubh Sagar Industries – Going strong in its 31st Year

We are obliged that you are here, not because we want to rip of profits from you like your local flour mill provider, but just for the fact that we are here to make a revolutionary change and need help from people like you who are techno-savvy and aware about their financial set up.

Who are we

Shubh Sagar Industries is a flour mill manufacturer and a trusted source of Laxmi Brand. Quality products, commitment to our patrons and innovation in the current technologies are our virtues to provide unmatched flour mill machinery.

Now you may be wondering why you are on flour mill manufacturer site and not your local provider or some big ecommerce site. Let us explain.

Why we are online

To make a change – “No hype,  No Hoopla”. Just pure value for your money. How…?

We thought about our business model and found that end-customers of our products are getting atta maker or ghar ghanti or wheat grinder at almost doubled price than what we actually offer.

Reason – Well you can understand that once our product leaves us, it goes through selling channel comprise of distributors, dealers and retailers. They all have their share in final price and that’s why you, our valued customer, is paying much more than what you should be paying.

You buy directly from us, a manufacturing company which has reputation of gold for last 30 years and who brand is used in all over India and abroad.

We are ready to make a change, are you?