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We have created a name in the production of reliable vertical flour mill. This vertical stone flour mill is eminent in the manufacturing industry. It is known to serve many customers all over the world. This machine can handle grinding purposes regardless of the material’s hardness. Expert manpower will be assisted through our stone flour mill for we are engaged in the use of best quality materials alone. We also feature different power specifications that may be taken advantage of in various undertakings.


Our crushers are built with graded cast iron plates. The first plate is stationary, while the other one is responsible in rotating. The grain that has to be dealt with is placed between the sheared and crushed. There is spacing involved in here which is responsible in knowing the feed’s fineness. These mills are commended for its way in adapting to whatever grinding coarse grain there is. This is more efficient than that of hammer mills. During the operation, low noise is expected. The design does not create pollution too. Friction force is also present for grinding to be succeeded rapidly. These mills come in various specifications which are essential in making sure that the needs of the clients are addressed accordingly.



10" Size
12" Size Heavy
14" Size Heavy
16" Size
18" Size
Electric Motor
1.5 HP - 1500 RPM - I Phase
2 HP - 1500 RPM - I Phase
3 HP - 1500 RPM - I Phase
7.5 HP - 1500 RPM - III Phase
10 HP - 1500 RPM - III Phase
Power Consumption
0.75 kW (Units)
1.6 kW (Units)
2.5 kW (Units)
6 kW (Units)
8 kW (Units)
Grinding Capacity
25 Kg
35 Kg
35 Kg
65 Kg
90 Kg
Grinding Technology
Stone 10" (250 mm)
Stone 12" (300 mm)
Stone 14" (350 mm)
Stone 16" (400 mm)
Stone 18" (450 mm)
Stone Size
10" X 2"
12" X 3"
14" X 3"
16" X 4.5"
18" X 4.5"
Cast Iron & Alloy
Cast Iron & Alloy
Cast Iron & Alloy
Cast Iron & Alloy
Cast Iron & Alloy
Net Weight
75 Kg
140 Kg
180 Kg
260 Kg
320 Kg
Grain Container Capacity
15 Kg Hopper Capacity
20 Kg Hopper Capacity
20 Kg Hopper Capacity
35 Kg Hopper Capacity
35 Kg Hopper Capacity
220 V
220 V
220 V
440 V
440 V
50 Hz
50 Hz
50 Hz
50 Hz
50 Hz
Materials you can grind
Wheat, Rice, Corn, Green Gram, Millet, Semolina, Besan, Black Pepper, Coffee, Herbs, Salt, Black Gram, Coriander, Sorghum, Dal etc. (Don't Grind Wet or Oily grains)