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At Shubhsagar Industries, we aim at seeing our esteemed customers delighted every moment they make a purchase of our products. This has made us be in the market for over 30 years providing products that are of the top and high quality. Since 1983, we have been on toes so to have an ongoing improvement in quality, cost, and even customer service.


Our Latest Product in the Market

Innovation being one of our core factor that we embrace as part and parcel of our company’s growth; we use it to discover the latest advancement and discoveries in technology. This helps us come up with highly efficient products that have quality designs. And in line with this, our company is introducing the latest and the best Vegetable Cutting Machine which has been tested and approved for use.


Our Vegetable Cutting Machine

As usual, our products come along with warrants and this Vegetable Cutter comes with a 1-year warranty. It comes in different sizes, designs and shapes based on their production capacity, weights, power usage and the motor’s Horsepower.

This Vegetable Cutter can be used to cut potatoes, chili, capsicum, cabbage, fruits and all kinds of vegetables. Basically, we are having 3 types of Vegetable Cutters:

  • Vegetable Cutter VC1
  • Vegetable Cutter VC1B
  • Vegetable Cutter VC2


Specifications of the Vegetable Cutters



The production capacity of this Vegetable Cutter is 200 – 250 Kgs per Hour. It uses a 1 HP single-phased electric motor with a power consumption of 0.76KWh. It measures 21” by 20” by 33” with an average weight of 48 Kgs.



It weighs 54 Kgs with a measurement of 21” by 20” by 40”. It has a production capacity of 200-250 Kgs per Hour. It uses 1 HP single-phased Electric Motor which consumes 0.76KWh units.



It is the heaviest amongst the 3 with a weight of 72 Kg and a production capacity of 800-1000 Kgs per Hour. It uses 2 HP single-phased Electric Motor which has a consumption rate of 1.2 KWh. It measures 23” by 14” by 28”.


The technical specifications of the above types are dependent on their:

  • Models
  • Cutting chambers
  • Horsepower
  • Weight
  • Body structure
  • Number of the cutting blades
  • Dimensions ( height, base, and length)
  • Production capacity

Visit our company and get your preferred model and type of the Vegetable Cutting Machine when they are available and enjoy our quality services.

Model 111
Model 112
Model 113
Chilly Cutter
Product Picture
Cutting Chamber
8" * 3.4"
8" * 3.4"
8" * 3.4"
6" * 3"
Ele. Motor
1 HP
2 HP
3 HP
1 HP
42.5 Kg
44.5 Kg
47.5 Kg
28 Kg
Body Structure
SS Body
SS Body
SS Body
SS Body
Cutter Blades (SS)
No.1 to No.8
No.1 to No.8
No.1 to No.8
No.1 & No.2
Dimensions (L*B*H)
21 * 10 * 21
21 * 10 * 22
21 * 10 * 33
20 * 13 * 20
Production Capacity
Depends on Vegetable
Depends on Vegetable
Depends on Vegetable
Depends on Vegetable


10 Vegetable Cutting Machine PicsVeg-Cutting-MachineCE


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