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Our pulveriser machine for spices is technically designed to be a perfect crusher for users. You can grind Masala & all grains in this machine. As a matter of fact, it may be expected to perform 15 to 18 kilogram for every hour. Even if it is highly functional at that, the installation space would not demand for a lot. This is very much different from other equipment with steel mould body. The durability of our machine is unmatched by competitors. This would not ask for a lot of maintenance at all. This occurs because of the advanced working methodologies of the pulverizer. This ensures superiority in grinding.


The heavy duty mild steel, and stainless steel body of our pulverizer are pact with techno wings. The operating principal of our machine is also flawless. Its rotor works smoothly as its cutters can run even in an anti-clockwise direction. With the unique and reliable design this pulverizer comes with, you will definitely be able to get the worth of your money. All of these can be done without settling for less. Enjoy a dust free operation with our pulverizer. Dry crushing is just around your fingertips! This is for sure! Check it out!

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