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Shubhsagar Industries has been in the market since 1983, which translates to over 30 years of offering quality service to our esteemed customers. Our vision has always been to offer our clients quality products which are more reliable and of higher standards than the others that are available in the market. Our products are widely used in industrial sectors, in rural and urban households.


Our Latest Product

As part of our growth and advancement in technology, we are presenting to our customers the best Onion Chili Cutting Machine which is the most attractive and efficient in the market. We are very committed to releasing excellent-standard products to our customers that cause very minimal harm to the environment. Onion Chili Cutter comes alongside with our objective which is having delighted customers in the market.


Onion Chili Cutter (The Onion Cutter Machine, Onion Cutting Machine, Onion Chopper Machine) 

Onion Cutter specifically is used in hotels, canteens, homes, and restaurants to cut or slice the onions, chili, cabbage, capsicum, fruits and all kinds of vegetables, into to small slices and pieces. Our Onion Chili Cutters come with a 1-year warranty at the time of purchase.

Our interested being customer-based, we provide such a wide market of these Cutters which incorporates the latest innovation as per our standards. Our Onion Chili Cutters comes along in diverse sizes and designs that give our customers a wide variety from which they can choose from.

Specifications of Our Onion Chili Cutters


Some of the specs of this cutter include:

  • It has a cutting speed or a production capacity of 120 Kgs per Hour
  • It measures 22” by 14” by 30”
  • It has very heavy cutting blades which are really sharp
  • The power consumption rate in units is 0.76KWh
  • It uses a Single Phase electric motor which is 1 HP
  • The maximum weight of this machine is 35 Kgs
  • It is bowl-shaped


In addition to the specifications above our Onion Chili Cutter comes along with benefits which include:

  • It’s quite easy to operate, you do not require any skill to operate it
  • It gives quality and the best performance among equals
  • Because of its quality body materials, it requires very low maintenance levels.
  • It’s cheap and pocket-friendly to acquire

This improved Onion Chili Cutting Machine is meant to increase the productivity of our esteemed customers and improve their profit margins. Contact us to get yours as soon as possible.

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