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Shubhsagar Industries has been in existence in the market since 1983. We are committed to providing our customer their most preferred and quality products. Our Vision is to delight our esteemed customers by frequently increasing the quality and the level of customer care service. Our products are considered as always above the standards of other industries. This is simply because of our constant improvement of our products.


Our Trending Product in the Market

For over 30 years of our operation, our mission has always been to make and offer an excellent quality standard of our products. We have been giving solutions to industrial sectors, rural and urban households. As part of our growth, we incorporate innovation as an important tool for our growth. Through the great involvement of technological advancement available, we have introduced another product into the market by the name Oil / Water Dryer Machine.


What is Oil/Water Dryer?

This is a machine that is mostly used in removing Oil from potatoes or banana chips, or any food cereals after they have been deep fried. As Shubhsagar Industries we usually give warranties to our products and the Oil Dryer Machine is not exempted, therefore it comes along with a 1-year warranty. Our Oil Dryer has been made with a stainless steel.


Specifications of Oil/Water Dryer Machine

Our current Oil Dryer is quality and very efficient when it comes to performing its duties in restaurants, home, hotels or any café that deals with a large number of orders of dried chips.

The available Oil Dryer Machine has a production capacity of 400 to 500 Kgs per Hour. It has a power consumption rate of 0.76 KWh units with a 1 HP Single-Phased electric motor. It has a dimension of 24” by 24” by 29” with an average weight of 86 Kgs. In case it used in peeling, it has a capacity of 500 Kgs per Hour.


Why Use Our Oil/Water Dryer Machine

Besides the warrant that we offer, our Dryer machine:

  • Produces little noise
  • Has low maintenance levels
  • It uses very minimal electric power
  • It delivers the water in a separate pipe
  • It is time-saving when it comes to bulk production
  • Very easy to use

All our esteemed customers both new and existing should hurry to our Company’s premises, call or email us so to acquire their own Oil Dryer machines to increase their production in their business.