Namkeen Farsan Machine 1 HP
Rs. 15400
Rs. 18200
Namkeen Farsan Machine 2 HP
Rs. 18200
Rs. 21400


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Due to our diverse knowledge on simple machines that are mostly used in industry sectors, rural and urban households, we have been thriving in the market since 1983. Our main focus is the quality of the products we provide to our customers. Besides quality, we aim at making our customers happy and satisfied every time they purchase our products. We also make sure our products are environmentally friendly.

For the last 30 plus years, we have been embracing any new advancement in technology while not ignoring the innovation tool as our growth contributor. From the creamiest brains at Shubhsagar Industries, we have introduced Namkeen Farsan Making Machine into the market which is unique in its design and quality.

Namkeen Farsan Machine

Our team of qualified technical professionals has tested and approved this machine to be compliant to all the set standards of the industry. Our diverse knowledge in this industry has made us release the most needed machine as per our clients’ requirements, which comes in their most suitable specs.

Namkeen Farsan Machines (NFM) comes along in two types:

  1. NFM7
  2. NFM9

We offer a 1-year warranty at the time of purchase.

Specifications of Our Farsan Machines:


This Farsan Machine has a production capacity of 35-40 Kg per Batch. It has a dimension of 33” by 19” by 36” with a weight of 52 Kgs. It has a power consumption of 0.76KWh and a 1 HP Single-Phased Electric Motor.


This machine has a dimension of 36″ by 23″ by 35″ and a weight of 73 Kgs. It has a production capacity of 60-65 Kgs per Batch. It uses a 2 HP Single-Phased Electric Motor with a power consumption of 1.4 kWh units.

Features of Our Farsan Machine

Our products are available to our customers anytime and they are delivered at the right time as per the order. Some of the features of Farsan Machine include:

  • It very reliable
  • It is cost effective
  • It is made of very high-quality stainless steel
  • It requires low maintenance
  • No need for any skill for you to use

Our range of NFM is compliant with the set international standards of quality and that’s why we are confident giving you a 1-year warranty. All our new and existing esteemed customers should contact or visit us to acquire their Namkeen Farsan Machine.

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