Shubhsagar Industries has been constantly providing high-quality products for over 30 years. We have been on the market since 1983 giving solutions to households in both urban and rural areas. In addition, our products are widely common in the industrial sectors. Our highest mission is to offer products that have excellent quality and of course of higher standards compared to those of our competitors.


Our New Product for You

We are mostly committed to offering high-quality products to our esteemed customers while making sure that our products are environmentally friendly. Our aim is to always make our customers smile. And to extend the delight of our customers, we are introducing Masala Mixer Machine which is very important in your household or commercial services.


Understanding Masala Mixer Machine

Our new Masala Mixer comes along with a 1-year warranty. That should give you confidence, that the product is real of quality. The materials that you can mix in these machines are mostly red chili with oil. Masala Mixer comes along in 3 different types:


  1. Masala Mixer MX 2
  2. Masala Mixer MX 3
  3. Masala Mixer MX 5


The three types differ in their weight, their mixing capacity, their power consumption, their dimensions and their electric motor power. As our esteemed customer, we are giving you a right to choose your favorite Masala Mixer from the diverse sizes depending on your need or purpose. Their Specs are given below.


Specifications of Masala Mixers

Masala Mixer MX 2


It measures 30” by 14” by 24”, having a weight of 50 Kgs. Its electric motor is Single Phase with 0.5 Hp. It has a power consumption rate of 0.37KWh with a missing capacity of 15 Kgs. It is suitable for households and commercial businesses with fewer activities.


Masala Mixer MX 3

It has a weight of 65kgs, measuring 38″ by 16″ by 28″. Its power consumption is 0.76KWh with 1 HP Single-Phased Motor. Its mixing capacity is 30kgs. It may be used by medium-sized businesses.


Masala Mixer MX 5

It is the largest we have measuring 44” by 24” by 32”. It weighs 90 Kgs with 2 HP Single Phased Motor which has a power consumption rate of 1.4 KWh. It has a mixing capacity of 50 Kgs. Our esteemed customers should contact us or visit our company to acquire their Masala Machine to mix spices.


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