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For over 30 years, we have been constantly improving the quality of our products hence they have always been exceeding the industry standard. Our products are made from quality materials, giving the reason for their attractiveness.

Our objective as Shubhsagar Industries since 1983 has been to have our customers delighted because of the considerable costs, quality improvement and good customer service. Our team that complies of qualified experts have tested and approved one of the products that have been lately introduced into the market by the name Horizontal Flour Mill Machine.


Horizontal Flour Mill

This machine is specifically used to grind materials like wheat, millet, maize, beans, rice, dal, and generally all grains. It is also used in grinding chili, turmeric, coriander and all masala.

It is available in diverse specifications, sizes, shapes, and designs that suit the taste and the needs of our royal clients. At the time of purchase, we give a 1-year warranty. The various variations of this Flour Mill Machine include:


  1. H20 Flour Mill
  2. H24 Flour Mill
  3. H27 Flour Mill
  4. H30 Flour Mill


Specifications of Horizontal Flour Mill


This Flour Mill has a Shafting Diameter of 60 mm with a Stone Size of 20 by 9 inches or 500Mm. It has a weight of 280 Kgs. It uses 7.5 HP or 10 HP Three-Phased Electric Motor which has Power Consumption of 5.6 – 7.4 kWh units. It has a Grinding Capacity of a 100 Kgs per Hour.



It has a Stone Size of 24 by 9 inches or 600 Mm with a Shifting Diameter of 60Mm. It has a Grinding Capacity of 150 Kgs per Hour. It weighs 330 Kgs. It uses a 12.5 HP Three-Phased Electric Motor that has Power Consumption of 9.3 KWh units.



It has a Weight of 400 Kgs with a Shifting Diameter of 60 Mm. It has a Stone Size measuring 27 by 9.5 inches or 675 Mm. It uses a 15 HP Three-Phased Electric Motor which uses 11.2 kWh units. It has a Grinding Capacity of 225 Kgs/Hour.



Its Grinding Capacity is 350 Kgs/Hour and a Weight of 480 Kgs. It has Shifting Diameter of 60 Mm and a Stone Size measuring 30’ by 10”. It uses a 20 /25 HP Three-Phased Electric Motor using 15-18 kWh Units. All our esteemed customers should contact or visit us at our premises.