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Ever since, our team is sought after for coming up with the most flexible turmeric pulveriser that can be used to grind turmeric finger. We have always been committed to supply and manufacture a wide assortment and range of turmeric grinders that can handle different grains. The main purpose of this machine is to grind spices in to fine powder. Hence, making them the most useful in the spice market. Our grinding machine has been developed with quality and safety in mind. Through the presence of innovative technology, we continue to advance our grinder for the benefit of our users. This would not happen if it was not for the help of our dedicated workforce who are very much applauded for what they do.


We provide an extensive type of grinding plants which also comes with their unique specifications. We can customise our machine depending upon the needs of our customers of course. Customers can also avail our product on leading markets around the place. This can be done without losing a fortune, which is another good news! What a treat! Imagine an affordable machine that is hassle free! Only our product is capable of giving you that! Take your grinding to the next level with this pulveriser!


Light Duty
Heavy Duty
Ball Bearing
6205 Z (5 PCS)
6205 Z (5 PCS)
VASM Bearing
Electric Motor
1.5 H.P.
2 H.P.
V Belt
B 33 + B 58
B 40 + B 64
15-18 Kg/Hr
18-23 Kg/Hr

Turmeric Hammer Pulverisr Machine MS Body     SS Body Pulveriser Machine Homecarafts     MS Body Pulveriser Machine Homecarafts     SS Body Pulveriser Machine Homecarafts Heavy Duty