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We are dedicated to supply our clients with the best turmeric grinding machine meant to grind turmeric finger. Our best range of dressing machines are intended for industries that have to separate solid and liquid particles. This is undertaken with a tube rotation that is always successful. This is built to fit nylon and steel sieves under various meshes, the machine can always promise optimum performance and superior quality. All of these can be experienced by owning the equipment. High precision technology is the anchor in the creation of this grinding machine. With this dust proof grinding equipment, no one will ever have to deal with messy workplace. This is possible thanks to its rotary sieving centrifugal action!


Our machine is also the best for thorough sieving. We are also meant for excellent grading whenever there is a call for it. While using our grinder, vibrations are unlikely to happen. This is a feature we are also proud of. This should not be surprising knowing that the product has undergone a sturdy construction during its processing. This serves as its foundation too. Upon purchase, you will stumble upon a high range of capacities. Among these are stainless steel, stainless steel lining and mild steel.

Light Duty
Heavy Duty
Ball Bearing
6205 Z (5 PCS)
6205 Z (5 PCS)
VASM Bearing
Electric Motor
1.5 H.P.
2 H.P.
V Belt
B 33 + B 58
B 40 + B 64
15-18 Kg/Hr
18-23 Kg/Hr

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