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We are manufacturer of Domestic flour mill (Home Use) and Commercial (Business Purpose) flour mills since 1983.  


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You may ask, what about quality?

Check features and specifications of domestic flour mill below. We are providing more than anyone as we are a manufacturers. We keep on improving design, work-capacity and output through research and feedback from our valued customers. After all, You are getting ISO product directly from the manufacturers. And, Don’t forget that we are giving 1 Year Warranty. We are one of the best manufacturer in home flour mill machine and we offer the best price for our all domestic flour mill products.

We offer a wide array of powerful products that are easy to operate. In order to produce fine-flour, the power of Laxmi Flour Mill is the answer. This is perfect both for modern and rural households, which can be used for whatever kind of baking purpose there, is. Grinding consistencies can be expected from Laxmi Atta Chakki. This may result to coarse or fine flour depending upon what you need for baking. With our product, the best buy can be given out of your money. The adjustable grind setting will also enable you to get the baking into the direction you prefer.

The product grinds every kind of non-oily grain. This is made possible with the stainless-steel grinding blades set in our original Laxmi Flour Mill. This is advantageous enough in grinding burrs. This is coupled with an aluminum oxide too. If you are tasked to make fine flour, our product can also be the answer. This will grind even a great number of flour without needing to empty the pan. There are still other mill options available in our store. Check them out to learn more about their features and preferences. With our years of experience, quality mill is definitely assured!

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